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Volunteering at St. Joseph School

We welcome and appreciate any time you are willing to share. Volunteers are a crucial component to the school's overall success and further instill the foundation from which our children thrive. Volunteers come in the form of parents, guardians, grandparents, parishioners, and community members. Opportunities include library readers, lunchroom coordinators, room parents, PTO members, athletic coaches, and beyond! Whether big or small, there is a role for anyone willing to help. 

Requirements to volunteer, interact with children, and ensure the safety of all who enter the school building:


Virtus TrainingMandatory 3-hour training required for every person age 18 and over
who works or volunteers within the Diocese of Bridgeport. This training teaches adults how
to identify early warning signs of child sexual abuse and how to prevent it.


Entrance to School Building For the safety of all, visitors/volunteers must show identification, sign in at the office, and pick up a Visitor's Pass. Anyone entering the building must have a clear purpose or scheduled meeting, walk-ins are strongly discouraged and will be thoroughly vetted.


SJS Volunteer Policies & Contract: Must be signed and given to the front office to have on file annually. New for 2023 - 2024 school year, to be released soon



Mrs. Paula Cucco                            

Margie Heron

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