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Staff and Faculty

Principal's Message

My Dear Friends in Christ,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to St. Joseph School!

Students at St. Joseph School discover a love of learning as they learn to speak and write with confidence. Technologically relevant tools that prepare students for the future are embedded within our curriculum providing them with the skills they need for high school and beyond.

Not only will students excel in their academics, but will also develop spiritually. Throughout their years at St. Joseph School, students will grow in character and faith, not only becoming productive citizens on earth, but also worthy citizens of Heaven. Students learn the importance of being kind to others and to oneself, the joy that comes with intellectual curiosity, and the journey to live their role as a disciple of Christ.


The faculty & staff of St. Joseph School consistently strive to nurture and reinforce each student’s spiritual, academic, social, and emotional needs. The dedication and commitment of our faculty & staff help promote the success of St. Joseph School and its continued tradition.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our school. I look forward to seeing you and hope to welcome you to our family here at Saint Joseph School.

Saint Joseph, Pray for Us.

Dr. Louis F. Howe, Jr. - Principal


Mrs. Paula Cucco


Mrs. Margie Heron

PTO President

Mr. Luis Genoa


Mrs. Ada Rountos

Special Education Services

Mrs. Cintia Weber

Lunch Director

Mrs. Jeanne Grenier


Reverend Samuel V. Scott



Mrs. Judy Abdalla

Pre-K 3 Teacher

Mrs. Anne Guiry

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Joanna Vill

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Christine Hunton

5th Grade Teacher

Mr. David Bongiorno

8th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Susana Donatucci

Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Emily Burns

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Denise Pitz

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kathleen Spina

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Paige Robinson

Pre-K 4 Teacher

Mrs. Diane Thompson

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Corey Shehl

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Sharon Varian

7th Grade Teacher

Aides & Supports

Mrs. Bongiorno

4th Grade Aide

Mrs. Maria DeMagalhaes

Pre-K 3 Aide

Mrs. Lee Ann Miller

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Ada Rountos

2nd Grade Aide

Mrs. Conron

EL Teacher

Ms. Kruijs

Title I Tutor

Mrs. Patricia O'Connell

Floating Aide

Mrs. Karen Zanotti

Pre-K 4 Aide

Mrs. Kelly Davidowski

Pre-K 4 Aide

Ms. Lombardi


Mrs. Cathlyn Rogozinski


Enrichment Teachers

Ms. Arianna Carlo

Music Teacher

Mr. David Bongiorno

Gym Teacher

Mrs. Amanda Koukos

Art Teacher

Mrs. Diana Bonanno

Spanish Teacher

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