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Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K 3 & 4 program is a point of pride for our school as children take part in Spanish language class, library, physical education, art, and music development. "Hands on" learning is encouraged to develop motor skills and cognitive development. Our children explore, play, imagine and create all while setting a strong foundation for Kindergarten and beyond!


Understanding the need for flexibility, our program offers full and half day options, as well as before and after care. Send your children to school during the days and hours that work best for their family’s unique schedule and budget.


Pre-K 3                                                 Pre-K 4

Half Day: 8:35 AM - 1:00 PM              Half Day: 8:35 AM - 1:00 PM

Full Day: 8:35 AM - 2:45 PM               Full Day: 8:35 AM - 2:45 PM

                       *Early Dismissal Days: 11:30 AM


Kindergarten - 8th

The curriculum standards are developed and updated through the Office of the Superintendent of Schools. Religion curriculum is formulated by the Office of the Superintendent in consultation with a committee of educators and approved by the Bishop. These standards serve as the foundation for curriculum development on the school level.



Our primary program features strong academic instruction in all subjects, using a dynamic educational process which is cognizant of the individual needs of each child. Our program offerings are developmentally appropriate, challenging, creative, and relevant.  Our students experience a comprehensive and vibrant learning program that prepares them for middle school.


Middle School

We aim to provide each student with challenging and thoughtful teaching. The program works to create a balance between academic rigor and the physical and social needs of the developing adolescent.  Upon completing our appropriately rigorous and rewarding program, students are expected to proceed to any high school program with confidence and a solid sense of identity.

Faith Formation

Children pray throughout the school day, including during morning prayer, before meals, and prior to dismissal. Sacrament of Penance and First Communion is offered to our Second Graders and Sacrament of Confirmation to our Eighth Graders. Children also participate in prayer services, pray the Rosary, and attend weekly Mass and Reconciliation throughout the school year. In November, a special School Mass is celebrated for All Saints Day with the First Graders dressing up as Saints. 



In order to develop the full student and create a rewarding learning experience, students engage in specials, such as art, music, library, science labs, and Spanish language class, that help them learn and grow unique skill sets for their future. 

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