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Parent Teacher Organization


The mission of the PTO - Parent Teacher Organization is to serve as the primary fundraising arm for the school and to promote a strong sense of school and community spirit.  We accomplish this through a number of fundraisers throughout the course of the year as well as host events to bring the school and parish community together. Our end goal is to help  St. Joseph School be the best place to receive an outstanding education and to lay the foundation for our children to grow into fine Catholic ladies and gentlemen.

PTO Board

President: Margie Heron

Vice President: Mary O'Keefe

Treasurer:  Kathleen Kennedy

Secretary: Crystal Buzaid

Parent Liaison: Julie Parkis, Alyssa Critelli

Homeroom Parent Coordinator:

 Cintia Weber, Ada Rountos,

Teacher Liaison: Mrs. Christine Hunton

Principal:  Louis F. Howe, Jr.

Office of Advancement

Director: Megan Cerullo

Where does the money from the PTO (formally HSA) fees go?


Each school year, the Advisory Board of the School, in conjunction with the Diocese, is responsible for setting the operating budget for the school. Part of that operating budget includes a specific number which the HSA is responsible for raising. Any additional monies raised during the year is used for other school related needs. 


Join the PTO for it's 2nd Annual Back to School Party for a fun night of catching up with friends, good food, dancing, and games. Sal's Pizza will be our caterer and pizza, garden and caesar salads, chips, and water will be served!

Make Payments Online

Here is an easy way to make PTOrelated payments.

PLEASE NOTE: While our aim is to improve ease of use and make payments convenient, the preferred form of payment would be cash or checks. 

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